DIY Open Shelving Unit with Home Depot

This post was sponsored by The Home Depot
Open Shelving Unit DIYOpen Shelving Unit DIYOpen Shelving Unit DIY
Open Shelving Unit DIY
Open Shelving Unit DIY
Open Shelving Unit DIY

Ok, let's talk STORAGE! I’ll admit it, when I was “house hunting” general storage wasn’t top of mind. I had a few other things on my wish list – open floor plan, two floors, 2+ bedrooms, at least one bathroom on the lower level – etc. BUT storage just wasn’t one of them! Yes, I was interested in cabinets and closets, but I underestimated how much I had accumulated over time – raise your hand if you’re in the same boat!

With an open floor plan, we tend to forget that it doesn’t leave much room for closet space. We are left to improvise with built-ins, bookcases or mounted shelves. Good thing for me, I LOVE open shelving. So, I teamed up with The Home Depot to create a DIY Rustic Shelving Unit, a project I wanted to share with all of you! Something you can easily create for your own home.

I sorted through my moving boxes still unopened from February and arranged everything in two piles – things that needed to be boxed up (things that weren’t used on a regular basis, or seasonal décor) and things that could be displayed (travel souvenirs, books, current seasonal décor, and photos – liquor bottles are an exception! If you’ve been over recently you know, how I feel – “Liquor bottles are not décor…”, but HEY they have to go somewhere, so why not make them look a little prettier on these gorgeous shelves).

This project originally started as a 16-ft. space and turned into about 34-ft. of shelf space. As I got to planning, I realized doubling the shelf space was not only helpful for storage, it also allowed me to use an entire wall for filling with collected treasures, my favorite décor pieces!

Benefits of DIY Open Shelving:

  • Doubles as storage and décor
  • When constructed properly it can hold large and heavy objects
  • Helps with visual consistency throughout an open floor plan
  • Easy to construct on your own
  • Gives you the ability to match existing decor
  • You have the freedom to choose the size
  • Less expensive
  • A fun project to do on your own or as a family
  • Allows for easy access of things you use regularly

This shelving unit sits in my living room; however, it would also be perfect on a smaller scale for a kitchen - used for tabletop storage – plates, mugs, serving platters. Or in an office for supplies in pretty bins!

 For the full DIY instructions and some more fun photos head over HERE

Materials in this post were sponsored by The Home Depot, however all opinions and ideas are my own.

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