A Guide To The Perfect Dining Space

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Styling a dining space is the beginning to a great meal! A neutral base is my go-to: I like to start out with a more monochromatic palette using neutrals in the bigger pieces - table and chairs; then, depending on each meal, I'll add in a theme or color to jazz things up with the tabletop details - placemats, napkins, flowers or seating cards. To help you freshen up your space - here are 3 style tips to stick with:

  • Start with the bigger pieces – table and seating. Pick pieces that are timeless. Sitting down to dine should be enjoyable. When picking chairs, I am always reminded of meals in Italy – 4 hours, 10 courses and lots of Limoncello later – I want to be relaxing and laughing with friends and family! How did I bring that back to my home?! I picked pieces that were sturdy and comfortable for enjoying long conversations over dinner and wine.


  • When picking furniture, be sure that you are gathering pieces that work for your lifestyle. Though benches are trendy now – backless seating might not work for you! Be aware of how many people need seating daily and also on special occasions. If we are talking comfort here – I can promise you, not many people want to sit at the bench! Consider your lifestyle and who will be dining with you when selecting seating options! I have linked my chairs HERE.


  • Good quality does not necessarily mean crazy expensive! Set a budget and stick to it. Keep in mind table size and desired seating. I would recommend cutting costs when it comes to additional seating (consider fun folding chairs to add in when you have guests – like this one or this one)! I have found some of my best pieces for great prices (and fast delivery) on Amazon.

Decorating a space should be fun and practical! If I were to give you just one tip – it would be: do what works for you! With so many options and décor resources out there - comfort, style, and functionality can all be achieved!


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