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Towel / Cheese Markers  / Cutting Board  /  Cheese Knife / Bamboo Forks  / Plates

Every event needs a cheese platter - a laid-back spring time backyard BBQ, Sunday football gathering, a Halloween party, Thanksgiving feast or a New Years Eve soirée, this platter idea can cater to any style gathering. 

What you'll need:

To Prepare:

  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Round up serving accessories - you can shop my favorites above
  3. Separate the grapes into 2 big clusters, assemble them on opposite sides of the cutting board 
  4. In the center of the cutting board spread the crackers diagonally in a line creating a domino effect 
  5. On the inner side of each cluster of grapes, place a handful of mixed nuts
  6. Cut a few pieces of each type of cheese, stagger the cheese wedges on either side of the crackers, spread the cut pieces in a row in front of the wedge, keeping cheese types together 
  7. Put a knife next to each type of cheese 
  8. Use the cheese markers to label each type of cheese 
  9. Serve with the plates and bamboo mini forks
  10. Finish by resting the cutting board on top of the decorative towel

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